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Bullying in the workplace is unlawful. Despite this it happens everyday across a wide range of vocations.

It is a Health & Safety issue and if left unchecked can lead to serious consequences which may include a decrease in productivity, damage to staff morale and culture, it can harm relationships both internally and externally,  and can ultimately result in staff resigning and/or taking a personal grievance claim against their employer.

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Bullying is unacceptable in any form

Employers should have a policy to deal with workplace bullying. They must provide support to victims of bullying. Any complaints must be taken seriously and properly investigated. An employer should not wait until receiving a formal complaint. They should be proactive and investigate any information that might suggest bullying is occurring. Investigations should be thorough and confidential. If bullying is found to have occurred the employer should then take the appropriate action including disciplinary action if that is appropriate.

Ensure anti-Bullying policies are reviewed regularly

It is very easy to get complacent about bullying behaviour and consider it harmless behaviour amongst colleagues.

Do not make that mistake.

Review your workplace policies and ensure there are good robust systems in place to deal with bullying in the workplace. If they are not adequate then change them.

If necessary, you may have to train staff and put in place a programme to make a culture change if the bullying problem is part of a culture in your workplace.

If necessary get outside assistance to review your policies.