The Collins & May Litigation team handles all aspects of dispute resolution and Court litigation. This may involve advice on a minor matter that could be dealt with in the Disputes Tribunal where the parties act for themselves, or more complex civil matters in the District Court or High Court.

Collins & May has a strong focus on Construction Law disputes whether they are in the District Court, High Court or the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, as well as alternative dispute resolution processes such as adjudication and mediation.

The Litigation Team also handles all aspects of debt collection and enforcement processes once Judgment for a debt has been obtained. This may involve applying to the Court for the Judgment Debtor to be examined and obtaining an attachment order to their wages so that any debt that is being paid off is paid automatically by deduction by their employer, or the ultimate enforcement process of bankruptcy.

If the debt involved is owed by a company and there is an issue of insolvency, then the Statutory Demand process and ultimate application to liquidate the company can be undertaken.

We can also handle any applications for a Limited License.

If you have a dispute and simply wish to have an indication of how it is best to be dealt with, please feel free to contact our Litigation Team.

Eugene Collins