Construction disputes are quite common. There are many aspects to a construction project which gives rise to multiple decisions that must be made, varying instructions which have to be given to multiple people with varied interests in the project.  All of this gives rise to the possibility for conflict and disputes.

Constructions disputes can be very expensive. The starting point is always the contract that was entered into for the construction work.

Whilst there is applicable legislation, the contract is the most important document and the first place to look when there is a dispute.

Most construction contracts will have a dispute resolution process which the parties are obliged to follow.

You do not want to find yourself filing proceedings in the District Court only to have the matter adjourned because there is a compulsory arbitration clause in the contract or compulsory attendance at mediation before starting any legal proceedings.

Keeping a good record of a construction project is essential when it comes to resolving disputes.

When you are dealing with a construction dispute, you should always seek advice from your professional advisor who should be able to provide you with some initial advice on what the contract says, the best resolution process to use and the economics of that process.

Sometimes it is easier to put your financial resources towards fixing a construction problem rather than litigating it.

Our team has many years’ experience at resolving construction disputes.