Contractual disputes

People enter into contracts almost every day without even realising it. Some are as simple as going into the dairy to buy a bottle of milk. Many are more complicated such as a contract to construct a new home, a sale and purchase of a home or the purchase of a new motor vehicle.

It is only when the contract doesn’t work out as you envisaged that you need to look very carefully at the terms of that contract.

That’s where we come in

Dealing with contractual disputes can be expensive which is why you should take professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity.


Challenges of contract disputes

One common example is for the sale and purchase of a property. The most common form of contract is the Auckland District Law Society form of Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate. Our team are well versed with the contents of this document. If a dispute arises, the legal position and the process to be followed will be covered in this standard form of contract. We can give you concise and clear advice on your legal position.

Getting the right advice will assist you so you can consider all of the factors involved including what options you have for resolving the dispute and the likely cost.

This will enable you to understand your legal position and respond to the other party to the dispute directly. Otherwise we can contact the other party’s solicitor directly and respond on your behalf to protect your legal position.

As professional advisors we can assist in navigating through the formal dispute processes such as arbitration or adjudication. We can also assist with alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation.

Are you left with no other option? Contact our specialist disputes team

Contractual disputes can be extremely stressful and they can consume your life. As professional advisors we can help take some of that stress away and assist you through one of the above processes.