Conflict Can Often Arise Between Owners Of Company Share Flats

These disputes can be a little more difficult to deal with than a dispute between neighbouring land owners because the company owns the land and the dwelling. As a shareholder, you only own shares in the company and you are granted an occupation licence to occupy your unit.

Some parties can be difficult to deal with and you may need help during this process. That’s where our team come in. We have extensive experience in company share disputes, writing to the parties involved and giving you advice on the legal position.

Company Share Flat Disputes

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The company constitution and the occupation licence set out the rights and obligations of the parties and include provisions as to how the conflict is resolved. Many constitutions will specify a specific process that the parties must follow exactly in order to avail themselves of the stated remedies.

Some older constitutions often have very little to address conflict resolutions. The process will also be subject to the Companies Act 1993. Your adviser must ensure that any process they undertake for you complies with that legislation as well as the company constitution and occupation licence.

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Take advice on conflict resolution early. Any departure from that stated in the constitution, licence and legislation will most likely invalidate the process and you will have to start again. If you are faced with a company share dispute, contact our team to ensure you get the right advice from the start.