Do You Have A Tenant Not Paying Their Rent Or Causing Damage To The Property?

Or are you a tenant whose landlord enters their property without warning and refuses to fix your broken window?

Tenancies are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. From time to time a landlord or tenant may act in such a way which is in breach of the Act. We can advise you whether there has been a breach and if so, what you can do about it!

Tenancy Disputes

At Collins & May, We Are Tenancy Dispute Experts

We will be able to help you determine how serious the breach is and advise you what your options are to resolve the breach. This may involve us preparing a letter for you to send to the landlord or tenant with a view of resolving the dispute yourselves.

If a dispute cannot be resolved between the parties, an application can be made to the Tenancy Tribunal. We can help you put together the application to the Tribunal and prepare for the hearing. Solicitors do not generally appear in the Tenancy Tribunal unless there are special circumstances or, if both parties agree. We can discuss the possibility of representing you at the Tribunal once we know the particulars of your situation.

Are you experiencing problems with your landlord or tenant and think they may be in breach of the Act?

Contact us! We can meet with you, give you advice on your situation and guide you through the next steps.