Not knowing your obligations as a landlord or tenant can lead to making decisions that may have legal consequences.

You could potentially find yourself in the tenancy tribunal or having to pay fines/costs, that will not only take away from your income but might impact the success of your property investment.

As landlord it is important to stay on top of tenancy law changes to ensure you are meeting your obligations to the tenant. Need advice regarding your obligations? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.

Tenants if you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord and uncertain of your rights, our team can answer your questions.

How we can help


We can provide you with advice and certainty around any issues that arise during a tenancy including:

  • When you can terminate a tenancy,
  • What your obligations are under the healthy homes standards,
  • What your obligations are in relation to a new tenancy,
  • Whether or not you can accept or encourage rental bids,
  • Bonds,
  • Rent increases,
  • Rent arrears, and
  • Disputes.


If you are a tenant and find yourself dealing with a landlord unsure of your rights, we can give you advice regarding:

  • When you can terminate a tenancy,
  • If you can assign the tenancy,
  • What your rights are as tenant,
  • What your landlord can and can’t do, and
  • What your responsibilities are.

Having a Collins & May lawyer on your side, means that you will have a qualified expert supporting you, in whatever way you need, regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

Get in touch with our property team

If you are having issues with your tenancy call us for advice. Get the right advice from the start for a better outcome without the extra stress!