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Going through a separation can be a difficult time. You may have many questions. Do I need a lawyer? What am I entitled to? Where do I start? How expensive is the process?

How Collins & May can help you

We recognise how difficult this time can be. Everyone’s situation is different which is why there is no ‘one size fits all’.

We understand the trust you place in us and you can be rest assured that you will receive professional advice and all discussions will be kept strictly confidential.

We will discuss with you and give you advice regarding:

  • The process as prescribed by the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (the Act);
  • What is relationship property;
  • What your entitlements are;
  • What the first steps are;
  • How settlement is completed and the importance of ensuring all requirements of the Act are met.

We will give you practical advice on how relationship property matters may be resolved. This will leave you in a better position to decide how to move forward, whether this is initially having discussions between yourselves knowing what you are entitled to or if suitable we can assist with communications right from the start with your spouse or partner’s solicitor.  Our role is to assist you in reaching a settlement you are comfortable with as swiftly as possible.

Once you agree upon the division of assets, we will draw up a comprehensive agreement in clear language which complies with the requirements of the Act. We will liase with you to make sure everything is covered.

Contact us to help you through the process

At Collins & May we will give you the right advice for you, being as involved as necessary with any negotiations and ensuring all legal requirements are met. Seek advice from the experts today so you know the settlement you reach is fair and in your best interests.