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Are you at looking at selling your business? There are many things to be considered which cannot be overlooked!


Get the right advice from the experts at the start

 This includes getting advice from your accountant regarding GST and the breakdown of the purchase price.

We will let you know the questions you need to be asking and what the Agreement should cover. Every transaction is different and we can assist with reviewing or preparing the agreement and drafting additional clauses to protect your position.

At Collins & May, we are experienced in handling business sale and purchases. You can be rest assured that no detail will be missed so there are no repercussions following settlement.


Our attendances include:

  • Landlord consent, corresponding with the landlord’s solicitor to provide them with any requested information and advice regarding your rights and the process involved;
  • Deed of Assignment of Lease, who prepares this? We make sure your interests are protected;
  • If there is Vendor finance, what are the terms? Have these been recorded correctly?
  • Handling the apportionments of rent and outgoings (rates);
  • Dealing with your bank regarding repayments and release of security;
  • Correspondence with other creditors and attending to repayments on settlement;
  • Release of general security. We will make all enquiries ahead of time so there are no issues come settlement day;
  • Employment advice, what notice needs to be given to employees? Advice regarding vulnerable employees;
  • Completing settlement, cleared funds requirements;
  • Release of documents and post-settlement payments.

Contact the experts today

By having Collins & May on your side you can be rest assured that no detail will be missed! Our friendly team of professionals will ensure everything is taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Following settlement you can walk away from the transaction knowing that everything has been taken care of.