The importance of having a Will

A Will is an important document to have in place and shouldn’t be overlooked. By having a Will, you can decide how your assets are to be distributed.

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When making a Will, some matters you will need to give consideration to are:

  • Who to appoint as your Executor (the person responsible for funeral arrangements, selling property and administering the estate);
  • Who would you like your personal effects to go to?
  • Any gifts you would like to make such as family heirlooms or gifts to charity or other loved ones;
  • Who is to receive the rest of your estate and how it is to be divided;
  • An appropriate age for minor beneficiaries to receive an inheritance;
  • Burial or cremation directions;
  • Appointment of guardians.

If someone passes away without a Will, this can delay administration of an estate and result in further costs being incurred. The estate will be distributed according to the law rather than being distributed in the way that the deceased may have wished.

Here at Collins & May, your Will is free!

Here at Collins & May your Will is free!

Take the first step in making a Will today. We can prepare a Will at no cost to you!

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