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Entering into a renewal of lease is an important part of any business operation.

Not getting it right can lead to either losing the right to use the premises your business needs to operate or entering into a renewal of a lease that you don’t want anymore.

It is important that you understand your rights and obligations under a lease as they relate to the renewal process. You need to know the deadlines imposed in order to exercise your legal right to renew a lease or alternatively cancel it.

Commercial Lease Renewals

Collins & May Are Experts In Commercial Leasing

Many people find the legal language in a commercial lease daunting to read and understand. That’s where we come in.

We can assist you through the process, drafting or reading any deed of renewal before signing. We can interpret your lease and explain in easy to understand language the process you must follow to renew your lease.

Often a renewal coincides with a rent review which is an additional process with different deadlines. We can help you navigate through these and advise on the documents so the process goes smoothly.

Let Us Help You With Your Legal Matters!

Renewing a lease is an important part of business continuity. We can help you commence the process or respond to a request (and rent review if they are occurring simultaneously). Our team will ensure that your interests are protected.