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Moving Into A Retirement Village Can Be A Stressful Experience

Moving into a retirement village can be stressful experience. The whole process can seem very overwhelming. Understandably you may have a lot of questions like Is living in a retirement village different to living in a house? and What happens if I change my mind?

It is important to have a legal advisor you can trust, to ask all of these questions and feel confident that you are making the right move for you.

moving into a retirement village paperwork

Where To Begin?

Once you’ve been offered a place at a retirement village, you’ll be given some paperwork to look over and fill out. We’re here to help you with any questions you have at this point.

The ownership works differently as you are purchasing ownership rights to live in the unit. As a resident you will receive the benefit of services which the village has to offer.

The documents you are presented with can be quite overwhelming. They are very lengthy and it can be difficult to work out what points you need to be concerned with. It is our role to review all of the documents in detail. We will report to you simply so you understand what you are signing and meet with you to go through the documents and answer any questions you may have.

If you own a home, we can assist with the sale process also and give you advice to make sure that the transition goes smoothly.

This is a good time to revisit your Will and Powers of Attorney. This is often a requirement of the Village. Our team are happy to prepare these for you.

We are here to make the move into a retirement village as easy as possible for you

There’s a lot to figure out when moving into a retirement village. Come and see us today.  We will guide you through the process to give you confidence the decision you are making is right for you.