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Have you got an employment relationship problem and you want to know what your options are to resolve the matter?

Mediation could be a great option for you.

You have a few options to resolve employment disputes, including an informal conversation with your employer or employee, entering negotiations to resolve the problem, attending mediation, or at a last resort, litigation.

Mediations are a good way to resolve employment relationship problems as the mediator is free. It is a safe and confidential way for employers and employees to resolve any work-related problems.

Lawyer Discussion

What happens during mediation?

During a mediation, an independent mediator will help the parties try to find a solution to the employment problem so that the parties can reach an agreement. The mediator will try and help the parties understand each other’s point of view on the situation to reach a solution that is beneficial to both parties.

If the parties agree to the matter, it will be written down in a Record of Settlement. A Record of Settlement is a legally binding document.

You are able to bring a representative to mediation if you wish, such as a lawyer or a support person. If you need a representative, give us a call and we would be happy to attend the mediation with you to resolve your employment problem.

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If you think mediation could be a good option for you and your employment problem, get in contact with us today. We can advise you on the process of mediation and what you can expect, and we would be more than happy to attend the mediation with you if you would like a support person.