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Selling Your Residential Property

It can be hard to know where to begin when you are thinking of selling your property.

Some common questions we are asked:

  • Who prepares the Sale and Purchase Agreement?
  • I have a mortgage on my title, what happens with that?
  • When do I stop paying rates for the property?

Some issues may arise on the way, which can be extremely difficult to understand and solve without the help of an experienced property lawyer.

It is our job to make the process of selling as stress-free as possible and to answer all your questions along the way.

How do we help in the sale process?

It is important to get the right advice from the start. Before signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement our role is to check it over so you can make sure you are happy with its terms. We can liaise with the real estate agent and purchaser should any changes need to be made.

Once the Sale and Purchase Agreement is signed, there may be further negotiations. The purchaser may request changes such as a reduction in purchase price or Vendor works to be undertaken. We  are here to let you know what your options are and have these conversations for you.

We take care of the mortgage. In preparation for your sale, we contact your bank and arrange for your mortgage to be discharged on settlement day. We also contact the Council. Rates are apportioned at settlement, so you are not left paying more than you should be.

Come settlement day we handle the title to the property which will be transferred into the purchaser’s name and transfer the net sale proceeds into your account.

Are you thinking of selling your residential property?

Contact us to get the process started! A smooth sale starts with a well drafted Sale and Purchase Agreement. At Collins & May, we can assist you from the beginning to the end of your sale and make sure your interests are protected.