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What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is where the title to one property is split into multiple titles. The first step is contacting your surveyor to get a better idea of what is involved in subdividing your piece of land.


Do I need a lawyer for my subdivision? Yes, you definitely do. As well as a surveyor, you will need to get in contact with your solicitor. Your bank and potentially your neighbour will also need to be contacted.

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How will Collins & May help in the process?

Our role is to prepare the legal instruments which are registered on the title. These include:

  • Easements (for the location of drains, driveways, electricity etc);
  • Consents notices required by the council; and
  • Land covenants (which place restrictions on an owner’s use of the property).

If your property is subject to a mortgage, we contact your bank and obtain your bank’s consent to the subdivision as your bank’s consent is required before any changes are made to your existing title.

If any of your neighbours need to sign documentation due to an easement over your property being in your neighbour’s favour, our role is to prepare the instrument and the requisite forms and provide them to your neighbours or their solicitor for signing.

Once all of the documentation is signed, the solicitor’s role is to submit the documentation to Land Information New Zealand for new titles to issue.

We can take care of the legal requirements for you to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible

Once you have instructed a surveyor contact your solicitor to get the legal side underway! We will liase with your surveyor directly and take care of this for you.


So, if you are looking at subdividing then please touch base with the team at Collins and May. We can assist with whole subdivision process from start to finish.