Collins & May Law’s standard conveyancing fees are as follows:


The above fees are all inclusive of office services, GST and Land Transfer Office charges.

The fees include attendances in relation to one mortgage only (or in the case of a refinance, the discharge of one mortgage and registration of one mortgage).

Our standard fees cover all the matters which are ordinarily dealt with in the above transactions.  There will be an additional fee for any matters which are not ordinarily conducted on the above matters.  Examples of the list of things which we consider to not be ordinary are:

  1. Council enquiries.
  2. Confirmation extensions.
  3. Settlement date changes.
  4. Delay in settlement.
  5. Refinance or mortgage over another property or repayment of more than one loan.
  6. Bank guarantee.
  7. Any other security in addition to mortgage over land including any security from a company.
  8. Back up offers.
  9. First or subsequent contracts not confirming.
  10. Preparing contract.
  11. Perusing contract before signing.
  12. Re-negotiating the contract.
  13. Company as Purchaser.
  14. Delay in obtaining funds from Bank.
  15. GST/tax issues.
  16. Manual registration.
  17. Attendances regarding a First Home Buyer Kiwisaver Withdrawal or a Housing New Zealand Deposit Subsidy.
  18. Sale of a Unit Title property.
  19. Obtaining rates credit from Council.
  20. Dealing with a tenanted property.
  21. Preparing a Trustee Resolution.
  22. Preparing Directors/Shareholders Resolutions.
  23. Registration of a Transmission.
  24. Preparing Deed of Acknowledgment of Debt.
  25. Ordering and reviewing LIM report.
  26. Correction/Change of Name.
  27. Preparing Nomination Agreement.
  28. Reverse Equity Mortgage.

Should you require any further information regarding our hourly rates, please do not hesitate to contact the Collins & May Law team.